1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – Digital Maker Visit to Witney

We spent a cold night in Witney on the digital scavenger hunt looking for all things operated by technology. All of the beavers found cash machines, electronically operated doors and anything operated by technology.

A big shout out to Greggs in Witney. We went in to see what machinery was used in the bakery and the very kind ladies behind the counter gave every beaver a chocolate Christmas tree biscuit or a chocolate star biscuit, which was a real hit with all of the beavers!

We carried out a number of Green Cross Code crossings, including a pedestrian crossing which all of the beavers performed calmly and quietly.

We then learnt how to write instructions for our team to reach a target point, from a starting point. This is what a computer programmer does and the team were the computer following those instructions.

We stopped off at Cineworld, who kindly let us in to warm up and use the facilities.

All of the beavers should be proud of how they behaved and the tasks they achieved. We are now looking forward to visiting Pizza Express next week.

Thanks to Ant and Eagle for running the session and to our fantastic parent helpers, without whom we couldn’t run the non-school-based sessions.

Here are some pictures and a few short videos of the beavers in Witney:

A Computerised Snowball

Practising Road Crossings

Computerised Pick and Mix?