1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – Visit Witney Fire Station

The beavers have been learning about Fire Safety and had a great time visiting Witney Fire Station.
Thank you so much to Station Manager Paul who talked to us about fire safety and then showed us around the two engines. We learnt a lot but also two questions to take away and ask our parents:

1. Do we have smoke alarms that work and that we test weekly?
2. How do you want me to leave the house (evacuation route) if we have a fire?

We then had a look around at the clothing that the fire fighters wear, the machine that tells them where to go and what type of incident to expect, the different pieces of equipment that they use (goodness knows how it all fits on the engines), then, best of all, we got to go inside the engines and have a look.

Here are some photos from the visit and maybe we have some future fire fighters?