1st North Leigh Scouts

Getting Creative with Lego!

Tonight we challenged the Cubs to use their imaginations to create models from Lego! They had to work together as a team to complete the five different challenges that Raksha and Bagheera set them – here are a selection of their creations!

The first challenge was to build a vehicle – there were lot of different ideas, ranging from cars to boats to buses.

Next it was onto dinosaurs! As before there were lots of different creations, including diplodocuses and t-rexs!

They next used their imaginations to create monsters! I’m not sure I can describe them, so I’ll let the photos do the talking!

The fourth challenge was to build a bridge! Not only did this test their imagination and teamwork, but it also tested their construction skills. Some of the bridges even had ‘water’ underneath them!

The final and most tricky challenge was to build the tallest tower they could! It had to be free standing, so they weren’t allowed to hold it up

All of the creations were very imaginative, and everyone worked really well together!