1st North Leigh Scouts

Christmas Sleepover 2018

To finish off 2018, we had our Annual Christmas Sleepover!

We had great fun, and started off by making paper chains to decorate the hall.

Then we went outside, played lighthouse and then hid glow sticks in pairs for other pairs to find, some of which were slightly challenging (especially as one team decided to bury some in the dark!). But it was good fun, and all of the glow sticks were found (eventually!)

After a quick cookie and a drink, we moved onto crafts, and got to paint tealight decorations and made a reindeer bauble!

Next was hot chocolate and a bit of supper before we played the snowman game, where we paired up and had to make each other look like a snowman using only toilet roll, which was great fun!

It was then time to put up the tents and get ready for bed – the tents always look so out of place in the school hall!

In the morning we had a lovely breakfast, cooked by Raksha (thank you!). We finished off the rest of the crafts before going outside to do a ‘sock treasure hunt’ and then had time to squeeze in a quick game before it was time to go home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Cubs this year as much as we have, and are looking forward to what we’ve got planned for next year!