1st North Leigh Scouts

Birds of Prey

Tonight we had a visit from J.E.T Falconry!

We first saw a pair of hawks! The females are bigger than the males as they look after the young whilst the smaller and faster males are able to catch their prey.

The second pair of animals were an unexpected delight! They were a pair of ferrets! In contrast to the hawks, the female is the smaller and more agile compared to the stronger and larger male. They were very funny and enjoyed wandering around the hall. The cubs also loved stroking them too!

Finally, we got to meet a barn owl! It was 3 months old, so hadn’t had much practise in front of people, so we helped to train it by being still and quiet! It was a bit nervous of us to start with, but by the end the barn owl had calmed down and realised the cubs were not a threat!

We all had a great time learning about the animals, so a big thank you to J.E.T Falconry for taking the time out to talk to us!