1st North Leigh Scouts


There were only four Beavers at tonight’s meeting, as it clashed with the school play, but we still made the most of the sunny weather!

We made simple tripods from bamboo canes, and then attached the top half of an empty water bottle, with a plastic food bag attached to the neck of the bottle on the outside. We then filled it with watered down paint, cut a hole in the food bag, and let the paint fall out of the bottles, whilst the Beavers swung them over a large piece of paper.

Once the bottle had been pushed, it swung in a circle on its own, creating a pattern, as you can see below.

We did this three times with different coloured paint, building up the layers, which created very unique pieces of art work! You can see the progress of each piece of artwork below (I don’t know the actual names of the pieces of art, so I have come up with some titles..)

Laura tested the tripods before the Beavers had a go (she’s a big kid really), and so created the piece of artwork that can be seen below. She also managed to get in the way of an an over-enthusiastic swing by one of the Beavers, so managed to get paint on herself!