1st North Leigh Scouts

Viking Badge (Part 2) – Making Boats

For the second part of the Viking Badge, we made viking boats from juice cartons!

There were lots of steps to make them (see the instructions at the end of this post), but the Cubs were able to help each other and all managed to successfully make their boats in under 1 1/2 hours (including a break for a drink and snacks).

We’re hoping to float our boats after half term, on the River Evenlode in Combe, where the Duck Race will be taking place on Sunday 11th June from 12 noon.

If you weren’t at Cubs when we did it, you’ll need to follow the instructions below. In addition to printing out the ‘template for flag, dragon and shields’, you’ll need an empty juice carton, two kebab skewers with their ‘spikes’ cut off (one it’s original length, and the other half the height), and six spilt pins. You’ll also need to laminate all of the paper (so that it’ll withstand the river), as well as something to attach the kebab skewers (we used a glue gun, but blue-tac or super glue will probably work ok too).

Instructions for Viking Longboats and Template for flag, dragon and shields

Once you’ve made your boat, you can customise it! How stable will it be in the water? Will it topple over? Does it need ballast, such as pebbles? Or maybe go faster stripes?