1st North Leigh Scouts

Skills Challenge – February/May 2016

As part of their Skills Challenge Badge, the Cubs had to try two new sports or physical activities, so they tried out golf and frisbee!

Golf at Witney Lakes Resort
We met at Witney Lakes Resort, and everyone was very excited to say the least! We were taught how to hold the golf club and how to properly swing it in order to hit the ball, before trying it out for ourselves. Once we’d had a practise, we then had mini competitions in groups of three to see who would score the most, with points scored for the distance hit. It’s safe to say that everyone had a blast, and would readily try it again given the chance!

Many of the Cubs had already played frisbee, so it was just a case of fine-tuning our skills! We had fun trying to throw the frisbees as far as we could, and then tried to improve the accuracy by aiming into a goal from as far away as we could. All in all, it was a fun night of throwing flying disks!