1st North Leigh Scouts

Windmill Cubs – Wizard Camp (aka Cubwarts)

Cubwarts - 5 to 7 July

Windmill Pack had a great weekend camping at Youlbury for our ‘Wizard Camp’. The event started off pretty wet, with constant rainfall.

We started our camp with a sorting hat putting the cubs into houses – Dragonfire, Eaglethorn and Wolfmoon.

The next morning we set about making our wands.

When there was a break in the rain the coats went out to dry!

Plus of course playing some games.

Potions lesson next….

Clearing up after every meal, ensures we are ready for the next meal!

After lunch the Quidditch teams line up:

The cubs soon got the idea of the rules of the game, with chasers, beaters and keepers all having different tasks to do.

Later on we learnt some very clever magic tricks and showed off our new found skills to the other cubs after tea round the camp fire.

On Sunday the cubs either went on the climbing wall or the aerial trek.

Then we packed up camp and had lunch.

We found time for cake throughout the weekend!

We slept in 10 of the blue tents, they looked very smart, but is was sad as they came down as it was the end of a great weekend!