1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – North Leigh Hike 2024

Six intrepid beaver hikers set out to complete the North Leigh Hike and were amazing from start to finish on this tough 8-mile, very, very muddy trail. I didn’t hear a single moan from anyone and a big thank you to our adult hikers who put in a great performance too.

Despite the tough conditions, we had lots of fun and the beavers did almost all of the navigation.

This was us at the start and on the first half of the route:


This was were we met Ant and Bagheera and the beavers were really pleased to see them, and not just because they supplied us with some delicious bacon rolls!

And this is us on the second half of the route, getting muddier and muddier!

Well done beavers, as always you were a credit to our section and our group!