1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – Chalk Chase

This week, we had a chalk chase around Madley Park. We split into 3 teams and each team had a turn at laying down a trail for the chasers to follow. It was great fun, especially as it became darker. Well done to the teams for laying great trails and to the chasers for successfully following them.

A big thank you to Bagherra, from Kestrel Cubs, for stepping in for our injured leader, Ant. Also a big thank you to our parent helpers, Nicky, Paul and Phil, who did a great job ensuring that we kept to the correct routes through the estate.

Here are some pictures from the session:

The beavers were perfect throughout the evening; however, we did come across one chalk message that could be considered ‘naughty’. We have no idea who did it but our young leader, Rook, was just about to arrive!