1st North Leigh Scouts

Digital Maker – Online Safety and Computers

This week we started our Digital Maker badge this week, a badge we’ve not done before as a group!

We started off by drawing around our hand and filling it with things we don’t mind sharing with each other (e.g. our full name, our pets, favourite sports etc.). We then cut out the hand and wrote things that we’d be ok with sharing with a random stranger (e.g. our first name, our favourite colour etc.).

After, we discussed what computers are and where we can find them at home. We found out that computers seem to be in everything! The Cubs were challenged to look around their homes and write a list of all the things they could find that have computers in. They came up with; laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, microwaves, PS4s, Xbox’s, and lots more.

The Cubs were then asked ‘what would life be like without computers?’. Here are some of the answers!

  • We’d be cavemen
  • It’d be old-fashioned, like the olden days
  • The industrial revolution wouldn’t have happened
  • There would be a lot less information
  • The world would be useless and boring

We can’t wait to complete the second half of the badge in a couple of weeks time!

Weekly Challenge
This week everyone has a choice of two challenges;

  1. Draw the most ambitious animal possible without taking your pen off the paper
  2. Create the tallest tower of pennies/counters on the wobbliest thing you can find

Here’s what you did!