1st North Leigh Scouts

Stop Motion Animation

Tonight we started our photography badge!

We started off by looking at good and bad photos, so that we knew some of the things we wanted to avoid, like putting our fingers over the lens!

Next, we had a go at taking photos. In pairs, we turned the cameras on, zoomed in and out, and then changed the camera to both portrait and macro modes.

Here are some of the photos the Cubs took;

This was good practise ahead of next week, where we will be going on a hike and taking photos there too!

For the rest of the evening, we had a go at stop motion animation! It’s made by setting up a scene, taking a photo, moving something in the scene, then taking another photo. We used an app called Stop Motion Studio to piece together all of the photos, which turned them into a mini film!

Here are the finished films;

Everyone worked really well together, and all three films turned out great!