1st North Leigh Scouts

Lego Challenges

Tonight we set the Cubs some Lego Challenges to test their creativity and teamwork skills!

For each creation, they were given a pile of Lego pieces and 15-20 minutes, and each group came up with some great ideas!

The first task was to build a dinosaur! There were a variety of different ideas, with models ranging from the well known T-Rex, to more obscure species of dinosaurs.

The second task was for the groups to each make a bridge. There were no specifics given, other than it had to be a bridge, which meant that there were lots of different and creative designs, which is exactly what we were looking for!

Another task was to make a vehicle. The groups could make as many as they wanted, and DSC_0296it could be any type of vehicle – from a unicycle to a tractor to helicopter or car. The Cubs came up with some very good ideas and made lots of creative vehicles!

The Cubs finally finished off the night by trying to build the tallest tower they could within the time limit! The towers had to be able to stand on their own for at least 10 seconds for them to count – here’s the winning tower: