1st North Leigh Scouts

Super Soaka 2016!

Super Soaka is our annual water fight at the end of the summer term. Cubs and their siblings are invited to take part in the water fight, with the aim to have the least amount of water in their container in their station at the end. Parents are also invited to stay and watch in the ‘dry zone’ (out of the way of the water fight), and then we finish off the evening with a BBQ and buffet.

Full of excitement, everyone gathered to listen to the rules and the safety briefing. Once that was over, everyone was split into teams, each accompanied by a leader – why does everyone pick on them?

We went to our stations to fill our water guns and talk team tactics!

3…2…1… LET THE FUN BEGIN! Water was flying everywhere, and no one in the ‘wet zone’ was safe (even those who got close to the boundary to take photos felt a few spots of water…). There was laughter, there were Cubs and their siblings running around everywhere, and most of all (perhaps best of all?) there was plenty of soaking the leaders!

Finally, after everyone was exhausted, we ended the evening with a BBQ, cooked by Chil’s husband John, and Baloo’s husband Steve (thank you both!)

We hope everyone had a good time, and we’ll see you next week to celebrate the 4th of July – Independence Day (only late by a week!)