1st North Leigh Scouts

Cubs 100

This year marks 100 years since the start of Cub Scouts. Back in 1916, it was known as Wolf Cubs, and was open to boys aged 8-11 years old. The new section was officially launched on December 16th at Caxton Hall, London. By the end of the following year, there were already 30,000 Wolf Cubs, and today there are 150,000 Cub Scouts across the UK. The Wolf Cubs could earn up to 12 activity badges, , including collector, athlete, team player, and gardener – we now have 36 activity badges available to earn!

To kick off Cubs 100, we decorated gingerbread men to look like Cub Scouts, and some of them were decorated very creatively to say the least!

At the end of the evening, each Cub was given a necker and a badge to mark the centenary, and they can wear them both until the end of the year.

We have a busy year of learning and celebration ahead of us in this important year! In addition to our usual programme of fun and excitement we have a couple of important events to help us celebrate this momentous year! In June there will be a County Camp called ‘Cub Fest’, held at Cornbury Park. In addition to the tons of activities going on over the weekend, each district will dress up in the typical dress of a decade for the opening ceremony – West Oxfordshire has 1910s/1920s, so get your thinking caps on! More details will be given out soon.

We have also timed our Christmas sleepover with the anniversary of the start of Cubs (December 16th), so we will be renewing our promise at 19:16, at the same time as hundreds of Cubs across the country. Again, more information will be given out closer to the sleepover.

We can’t wait for all of these exciting activities, so keep an eye out for more posts about what we get up to!