1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – Skills Badge

This week we went back to our favourite woodland (Sophie’s Woodland) to work on some more of our scouting skills. However, before this, we had a look at our bug hotels and were pleased to see that, though we don’t yet have full occupancy, we do have some activity in the hotels.

We will keep monitoring them!

Our first scouting skill was to learn and sing an activity song. We learn one about Joe, who works in a button factory and the beavers were brilliant, all joining in and having fun!

Here is a short video of the beavers hard at work on the song:

Next, we worked on another important scouting skill, problem solving. Each lodge had to recover a heavy barrel of oil from the middle of a mine field, surrounded by an electric fence, using just a piece of paracord. Our secret mission could not be completed until the barrel of oil was recovered.

It took some experimentation and we lost a few barrels of oil to mines along the way, but all the lodges eventually managed to recover their barrels. Well done beavers, we saw some really creative ideas being worked on during this activity!

It was fairly peaceful whilst those brains were at work:

Next, we worked on another important scouting skill, lighting fires, though we mainly talked about the different ways to light a fire and the beavers scavenged for some of the materials needed to make the fire and keep it going.

Lastly, when you have a fire you might as well enjoy a smore, so we did, though the beavers all had to find a suitable stick as a skewer and clean the point with some sandpaper.

Thank you very much to Pippa and Oliver, our parent helpers, for all your hard work in the woodland!