1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – Shelters and Bug Hotels

This week we went back to Sophie’s Woodland to build some shelters and to make some bug hotels. Many thanks to Paul, our parent helper, for coming along to assist.

We divided into two teams to build the shelters and gave each team a waterproof sheet to try to make the shelters waterproof. We then asked the two lodge leaders in each team to go inside their shelter while we poured water onto it. No one got wet – well done both teams, you have great scouting skills!

Here are a few photos of our shelters:

We then asked each of the four lodges to forage for sticks, leaves and cones to go into their bug hotels. They packed them nice and tight, so that they would stay together, then found a suitable place to put the hotels. We look forward to revisiting them next time we are in the Woodland to see whether they are being used. Well done, all the lodges did a great job!

Here are a few photos of our bud hotels:

Here is a short video of the beavers hard at work in the Woodland: