1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – International Night

This week, the beavers have been learning about some other countries.

We started by asking the beavers what words they knew from other languages and every beaver knew some words from other languages – very impressive!

We then taught them greeting from the following 6 countries:

Then the beavers were given a plate and had to use one of the greetings to be given some food related to that country. Of course, they got to try all of them in the end and were surprisingly receptive to the different food.

After the beavers had eaten all that they wished to eat, they washed it down with some of the whisky left over from Burns Night – we didn’t take any pictures of that bit!

Then we played a game where the beavers had to match flags to national airline tail fins. Some of them were really hard. 

Lastly, we turned all the flags and tail fins upside down and played a memory game. However, it was a bit too easy because they were quite see-through and we didn’t really need to use our memories!