1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – Creative Evening

This week the beavers had a creative evening using a combination of their imagination and construction skills. Using Lego, K’nex and wooden blocks, they had to build something they thought would be in the world in 100 years’ time. They then had up to 1 minute to explain their idea to the rest of the colony.

There were many really great ideas and some excellent construction work to produce the ideas. We had lots of futuristic houses and gardens and lots of futuristic transport ideas that took into account the possible effects of global warming. We are really looking forward to watching our creative beavers change the future of our world for the better!

We then played Wink (the daylight version of Murder in the Dark!) which we all really enjoyed. Henry managed to kill almost everyone without being spotted!

Lastly, we had a ‘Show and Tell’ from Ronnie about the Titanic. We had before and after pictures and lots of really interesting facts – thanks Ronnie, a great job!

Here are some photos and a video of the colony at work.