1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers – Cyclist Badge

This week our beavers brought in their bicycles and we completed our cyclist Badge. Thank you to our brilliant parents for preparing the bikes and helmets so well, we had to make very few adjustments. Thanks also to our parent helpers and young leaders because helping the no-so-confident riders is hard work!

We started by looking at the following badge requirements:

  • Know the importance of safety equipment like a helmet, reflective clothing and lights.
  • Show how to correctly put on and wear a cycle helmet.
  • Show how to pump up a tyre.

Then, most of us, because cycling is not for everyone, got on with the more exciting part of the badge, which was to go for a short ride in a safe place. The beavers rode around a safe grass circuit, with down-hill, flats, up-hill and obstacles, then those who were able to do so had both fast and slow-riding races. It is important to be able to ride slowly in order to master the control of a bicycle.

We were really impressed with the cycling ability of many of our beavers, they have been taught well by their parents!

Here are some photos of the beavers riding around our circuit: