1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers’ Pioneering Project

Woodland Beavers have been pioneering. Pioneering in scouting, is often coming up with the best solutions to physical problems and then challenging ourselves to see if we can find an even better solution. We would like to thank Brendan, a veteran of 23 Pioneer Regiment, for coming in to run the session.

Round 1

Each lodge had 10 minutes to build the tallest tower that they could with a packet of spaghetti and a bag of marshmallows. They were to work as a team, could not use any other materials, could not eat any of the materials and were allowed no adult help. All lodges did a great job.

Round 1 champions were Blue Lodge with a 61cm tower.

Round 2

Each lodge had to do the same but, this time, each lodge had an adult or young leader to help them.

Round 2 champions were Green Lodge with a 58cm tower.

Reflection on our pioneering project

Now, you will no doubt have noticed that, despite having had the experience of Round 1, the tallest tower built with adult help in Round 2, was not as tall as the tallest tower built without adult help in Round 1. The reasons behind this would make a great PhD thesis topic!

Well done to all the beavers for not eating the marshmallows, though there was a lot of what looked like marshmallow on the faces of a few beavers at one stage. However, they reassured me that it was simply ‘splash’ from the speed of their building – thank goodness for that!

Here are a few more pictures from the evening (please click on them to see larger versions):