1st North Leigh Scouts

Beavers International Games Night and Investiture

This week, Woodland Beavers met on the sandy area outside the Madley Park Co-op for our International Games Night and Investiture.

We all played:

  • Boule – originating from France
  • Quoits – originating from Roman-occupied Britain, in what we now know as England!
  • Catch Ball – originating from USA
  • Don’t Drop The Ball! – originating from Australia

Please don’t research these countries of origin too carefully, as there are some differences of opinion!

Here are some pictures from the evening:

Here are some videos from the evening:

Of course we added some competition into the evening’s games and the results, as judged by the scores and the leaders of the games were:

  • Boule: 1st Green Lodge; 2nd Red Lodge; 3rd White Lodge; 4th Blue Lodge
  • Quoits: 1st White Lodge; 2nd Red Lodge; 3rd Green Lodge; 4th Blue Lodge
  • Catch Ball: 1st Red Lodge; 2nd Blue and White Lodges; 4th Green Lodge
  • Don’t Drop The Ball: 1st White Lodge; 2nd Blue and Green Lodges; 4th Red Lodge

So overall positions were:

  • 1st (and 4 lodge cup points): White Lodge
  • 2nd (and 3 lodge cup points): Red Lodge
  • 3rd (and 2 lodge cup points): Green Lodge
  • 4th (and 1 lodge cup point): Blue Lodge

Our outgoing Beaver Leader, Lindsay (Kite), kindly came back to invest our new leaders, Sarah (Eagle) and Jeremy (Badger). 

This was followed by Badger investing our 4 new beavers who were all brilliant at making their promise. Congratulations to you all and welcome to our Colony and to the Worldwide Scout family!

Lastly, we said farewell to Kite, who has been our Beaver Scout Leader since 2017. Thank you so much Kite for your amazing service to the Mighty, Mighty 1st North Leigh Scout Group, we will miss you!