1st North Leigh Scouts

Easter Virtual Camp 2020

The Coronavirus may have stopped us meeting up face to face, but it hasn’t stopped us having fun!

On Friday 10th April 2020, we had our first ever virtual camp – a learning experience for all of us. We initially met up after tea early Friday evening and played some new games. Then everyone was set some tasks to do before meeting up again later in the evening;

  1. Set up camp either in the garden or indoors, a tent or a den.
  1. Make a ‘no sew bunny’.
  1. Try the ‘necker challenge’ – this is where you have to get your necker from your foot to over your head without using your hands.

We met up again later on Friday evening and everyone showed off their sleeping arrangements for the evening and some great no-sew bunnies.

The necker challenge was still on-going – with a mixture of successes!
We then had unusual bedtime stories, with each cub telling part of the story for 30 seconds before it was time for the next cub to have a go.

Saturday morning brought on new challenges!
We started off the morning with a quick colour scavenger hunt, with the cubs being very observant as they went through their house looking for purple items.

Next was a memory game, when we played Kim’s game. The cubs had to remember 20 items that were on a tray and all did really well.

The last game was the energetic Bean game, with everyone bouncing up and down like various beans e.g runner bean, jumping bean, jelly bean.

We then left the cubs with three tasks to do for the morning:

  1. Carry on with the necker challenge – but also get the whole family involved!
  2. Try a penny on an elbow challenge – firstly balancing a penny on your elbow, then catching with the same hand. Next try it with the other elbow. Then see how many pennies you can balance on your elbow and manage to catch.
  3. Make either an Easter hat or Easter mask, using their imagination and the items around the house.

We met up for our last virtual session at 12 noon where everyone could show what they had made, and say if they had met the penny and necker challenges. Although it was a very different camp, it made a change from our normal day to day lives and we had some laughs and good fun along the way!