1st North Leigh Scouts

Viking Badge (Part 3) – Pizza Ovens

Following on from the Viking Camp, we decorated pizzas to look like shields and cooked them Viking-style!

We met at Chil’s house, and got to work covering our cardboard boxes in tin foil. The plan was to use the cardboard boxes as ovens, make a rack inside them from metal coat hangers for the pizzas to sit on, and then put them over hot ashes from a fire.

Once the ‘ovens’ were ready, it was time to decorate the pizza-shields – the Cubs were very creative!

The boxes were placed over piles of hot ashes, and then the pizzas were carefully placed inside, before the lid was quickly put on top to conserve the heat.

After a few games, the pizzas were ready to eat! There were varying levels of success, but no outright disasters, so I’d say that was a win!

We’ve nearly reached the end of our Viking Badge, all we have left to do is to test out our Viking long ships that we made a few weeks ago!