1st North Leigh Scouts

PGL 2017

In the last weekend in March, the Cubs went to PGL in Liddington, and had a blast! PGL is a fun, outdoor activity centre, where young people have the opportunity to try lots of new adventurous activities.

Everyone arrived on Friday evening, and once the Cubs had a chance to unpack, they were straight into dinner and then a game of ‘Wacky Races’.

After some sleep, everyone enjoyed a full English breakfast, the Cubs tried their hand at Fencing and Archery. The Cubs were able to practise their ‘lunge’ and ‘parry’ during the fencing session, competing against each other to be the first to score a point by touching the tip of the foil to their opponent’s chest. In the archery session, the Cubs improved their aiming, and ended up scoring very high points on the targets. Everyone did very well, and even Akela had a go at the archery!

After lunch, they moved on to the Treetop Study Trail. The Cubs were harnessed in, and had to complete a high ropes-style course high up in the trees (above Akela’s head!), which ended with a small zip wire. The Cubs navigated a series of suspended walkways, ranging from wooden platforms to small rope bridges. It must have been fun, because even Baloo and Chil had a go!

On Saturday evening, after another lovely meal, the Cubs played ‘Splash’. For this, they had to a variety of activities. Each team ended up with a balloon of water they had to look after the next day.

The next morning, after yet another full English breakfast, it was time for Aeroball and the Trapeze. The trapeze was very high up, and everyone had a go at climbing to the platform and jumping for the bar. As for Aeroball, all the matches were closely fought, with no one wanting to give up (resulting in worn out Cubs!).

After lunch, the Cubs were onto their final two activities; Giant Swing and Tunnel Trail. Both sessions required the Cubs to work as a team. For the Giant Swing, everyone had to help to pull the rope that raised the pair on the swing higher and higher, before they said stop and then swung. The Tunnel Trail was dark, so the Cubs had to make sure that they were going the right way, and that the person behind them hadn’t gotten lost!

Finally, after dinner, the Cubs went home, happy but tired. We hope everyone had a good weekend – we sure did!