1st North Leigh Scouts

Sixer and Seconder Camp 2016

Sixer and Seconder Camp is a fun camp for the older Cubs in order to prepare them with the skills needed when they move to Scouts, such as orienteering and fire making. It’s a chance to show what they’ve learnt from their time at Cubs, and then improve upon them and learn new ones!

This year we met on the Saturday morning at Charlbury and had to navigate our way to the campsite at North Leigh. The Cubs led the way, and had to make sense of written instructions, such as ‘Go west at the end of the path’, by using their compasses and maps.

Just before we sat down to have lunch, we came across a pair of deer that were rutting (don’t worry, we were safely behind a fence), and it was an amazing sight to see!

After a morning of walking and navigating, the Cubs were able to make it to the campsite. They then had to put up their own tents, before starting to prepare the fire for their dinner.

This year we had to choose a country, and then decorate our area to reflect that country and prepare a meal from that country. We had two teams, so one team chose India and cooked a curry, the other group chose Italy and cooked calzones.

Everyone did really well from collecting the wood, cutting logs with an axe, preparing and lighting the fire, then cooking the food. At the end of a lovely meal the cubs then washed and wiped up, ready for breakfast in the morning!

The morning brought on more challenges, with making a fire in the wet.

We all ate a large muffin to keep us going, since breakfast was going to be late!

Akela explained to the cubs how you strip the bark off wood and then make wood shavings from the remaining wood to start up the fire. They carried out this successfully and we had a full English breakfast, which definitely filled the spot!

After breakfast the cubs had to scour the pans until they shone brightly – they did a great job!

After packing up camp it was time to go home for a well earnt rest!